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Make Room

It's Time to Make Room!

I have a question – or perhaps better put, an observation. If Joseph traveled to Bethlehem, his hometown, for the census and consequently the birth of his firstborn (albeit not of his loins) – why then was there no “lodging” available to accommodate his family?  Scholars insist the factual Nativity scene is […]

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Just Say No to Negativity


I’m declaring war on negativity. The level of vitriol coming from those who call themselves believers is concerning. “Vitriol”, by the way, was an older name for sulfuric acid – an appropriate description for the impact of a corrosive critical spirit. It seems during this election cycle entire campaigns are built […]

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When a Little Sprinkler Becomes a Big Deal

We are thrilled with how The Restoration Project is coming along! Tremendous progress has been made over the past couple of years with over 500 attending our holiday events this past weekend.  One comment we hear again and again is how wonderful it is to see this historic structure being repurposed and opened again to the public. […]

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A Game of Hearts

“OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” Most instantly recognize the oft-quoted indictment from the iconic Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland”.  The ill-tempered monarch was quick to decree death sentences for the slightest offense. With the world’s focus on a terror group using similar tactics, a strange but thought-provoking […]

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The Label Maker

I was thinking today how Christians are excellent label makers. We look at people and instantly give them a “label” based on our assessment – – She’s such a gossip – He’s a total jerk – You know they’re homosexual – That church is so spiritually shallow I’m not sure […]

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Mother’s Day 2015

We had such an amazing morning at Restoration on Mother’s Day! Two of our ladies shared their personal stories of Restoration. We were honored to capture them on video and now release their testimony online! Watch both right here!

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Observations on a great first weekend!

WOW!!!  What a great inaugural weekend for the newly retooled RESTORATION KIDS! It was so fun watching the kids (and adults!) enjoying the newly finished and expanded classroom spaces. Thank you to everyone who served and helped make the first weekend a great success. An important part of this pioneering journey […]

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