July 16, 2016

“Permit Me to Brag for Just a Moment…”

My daughter amazes me!

Ruby is 13 years old going into 8th grade this Fall. Her first mission trip to the Dominican Republic happened when she was just 9 years old. (And I know adults 5 X her age afraid to give it a try!) I’ll never forget that first trip and her sitting on the floor of the girls’ dorm in the orphanage – handing out the Barbies she’d brought and engaging the girls in play. Despite the language barrier it was obvious that “Barbie” is universal girl speak!
This year when the DR trip was announced Ruby said, “Dad, I’d like to go back.” Her willingness to return for a 3rd time is remarkable – considering this is a WORK trip. Last year she helped paint walls in the refugee camp and loved every minute of it. It’s hard to say what she’ll find to do this year, but I’m so proud of her desire to go, work, sweat and serve.
In her own words –

Serving meals to children at the feeding program.
“I would like to go back to the DR for several reasons. The cultural experience is one of them. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in America – and I mean that in a good way. I’ve gotten to meet people that I’d have never known existed because of these trips. And I’ve gotten to see a culture that would have been almost nonexistent to me from serving in the DR. I’m appreciative that I was able to start doing volunteer work like this from an early age, and I would like to continue doing it.”
This team departs July 26th and returns August 2nd – the day before she registers for school. Ruby, like the rest of her team, is responsible for raising the $1,600 for airfare, food, lodging and ground expenses. I know she’d welcome any support you can send her way.
As her dad I am so proud of her desire to serve others. There are many things she could have chosen to do with her time this summer – but this was her desire. There’s no doubt that experiences like these are making a profound impact on the young woman she is becoming. To support her with a tax-deductible gift through the secure Restoration Church online giving portal, use the following link and mark your gift “missions”-
Thanks so much – and please be praying for our team as we launch out to make an eternal difference in the lives of some precious people, including team members like Ruby who are investing their lives in the greatest way possible…by serving others.

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